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Счетчик тиц и pr. Информер тиц и pr.


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We offer recruitment in Russia: executive recruitment, management recruitment, mass recruitment, international recruitment.

TEXON Recruitment is a recruitment company and team of professional recruitment consultants. We offer the following recruitment services:
  • Recruitment in Moscow, St Petersburg, recruitment in all Russia, CIS countries and WORLDWIDE
  • Russian regions (CIS), Kazachstan, Ukraine, Belorussia, Georgia and etc.,
  • also in Europe and Worldwide.
We offer staffing solutions from Retained Executive Search & Selection to Contingent Recruitment in Permanent, Interim & Contract / Temporary staffing.

We are focused on the quality volume mid-senior level managerial recruitment across
the most industry sectors like:

  • Mining & Manufacturing
  • Oil & gas,
  • Production,
  • Industrial and Civil Construction
  • Commercial Real Estate
  • Engineering
  • Internet, IT, Telco
  • FMCG and etc.

    TEXON Recruitment is a recruitment agency in the Russian human resources market, specializing in the field of Russian qualified personnel recruitment, personnel additional education and personnel consulting.

    Our Clients
    The recruitment agency works with companies which has been working in the Russian market for a long time or only are going to enter the market, start and develop their business in Russia.

    Our Mission
    Our mission here is to help companies, who dealing with various fields of business, to find personnel they need.
    We also consult our clients on the understanding of the Russian human resources risk factor and its specific role in the development of business. More info here ...

    Our Aim
    We are young and very ambitious. We do our best to meet all clients requirements and provide the best possible service!
    Our aim is to become a strategic business-partner to our clients.


    TEXON Recruitment is an independent organisation, entirely owned by its partners, that are full time consultants, and is in no way dependent on any economic, financial or industrial group. We are governed by a strict code of professional ethics:

    • We will accept only those assignments that we are qualified to undertake.
    • We regard all information concerning the business affairs of our clients and candidates as totally confidential.

    For your information....

    Recruitment is a fundamental purpose for employers to keep its employees. When a specialized body of professionals carried recruiting tasks, known as “Recruitment Agency”. History of recruitment agency begun from USA in 1893.

    Recruitment services make income by passing organisations (employers) with job seekers (applicants – candidates) for job interview. When employer decides to employ the forwarded candidate or candidates, the recruitment agencies receive a agreed upon commission from the employer. Earlier it was a straight forward procedure that recruitment agency post summary of a vacant position / opening on to a job classified section of a news paper and weekly magazines. But today they have vast options because of the dot com prosperity. Now majority of the recruitment agency have their own websites targeting not only job seekers but also employers to post their requests. Similarly they can reach out to global job seekers & employers. The job of the recruitment agency is not only sharing announced vacant position but also provide the explicit guide lines to job seekers (through interview techniques, cv writing & cover letter samples). Reputable recruiters also help candidates in targeted job searching, thus saving the time of employers by forwarding them filtered candidates.

    Few basic tasks for Recruitment Agency!

    1. Recruitment which help's job seekers to move into the new career.
    2. Finding matched candidates as per job specification.
    3. Provide top value services by fulfilling employers / clients need.
    4. Provide efficient job resource solutions.
    5. Recruiters representing candidates and employers schedule and arrange job interviews.

    Recruiting & seeking eligible candidates can be a long and time taken process therefore companies hire the services of a recruitment agency. Job seekers usually find most of the jobs are griped by a recruitment agency. Getting recruitment agency services have many plus points, for e.g. The recruitment agencies usually have experience of screening cvs in the first stage, meaning that they’ll save 100s of hours of jobseekers cv filtering. Additionally, recruitment agency generally interviews a vast number of job seekers for a position in turn to locate the niche suitable applicant for the role. In short recruitment agency can direct you through the hiring course.

    During the post-war economic boom of the 1950's, the executive management teams of many of America's leading corporations were searching for ways to find the best talent reliably and quickly. A rising economy not only boosted their confidence in creating new jobs, but it also created the problem of how to find the best individuals to fill them. Especially important was the ability to identify people with the emerging skills necessary to compete in a new kind of marketplace. Human capital management in a time of exponential economic growth was one of the major challenges that many corporations faced, and executive search firms were created to help to manage that growth. They provided innovative, professional solutions for complex, never-ending issues such as hiring, training, evaluation, retention, and compensation.

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