Executive recruitment in Moscow or Executive recruiting in Moscow, Russia. Executive recruitment in Moscow or Executive recruiting in Moscow, Russia.
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TEXON Recruitment is an executive recruitment agency and team of professional recruitment consultants. We offer the following recruitment service in Moscow: executive recruitment in Moscow Russia, executive recruiting in Moscow Russia, executive search in Moscow

Executive recruitment

The executive search service (the search for top managers) appeared in the mid twentieth century as one of the components of personnel and management consulting.

Executive recruitment is comprised of a series of professional services rendered to the Clients, including direct search.

Executive recruiting today is not only a direct search for top managers, but also a combination of activities in the field of market research including identifying leading professionals and bringing the best specialists on the market to our clients. Also of no less importance is a professional evaluation of how well a particular candidate will fit a company and whether this candidate will match the company values, as well as goals and objectives that expect from him.

While performing executive recruitment projects, our consultants consider all individual concerns and requirements of the client, as well as a detailed study of all business processes, goals and objectives of the company in order to find specialists who satisfy the needs and demands of the company the most.

Consultants take into account the individual practicalities and needs of both sides.

The main stages of operations are the following:

1. Consulting at the stage of determining the vacancy:
  • Analysis of the personnel situation on the market
  • Preliminary recommendations on the compensation package
  • Preparing a detailed description of the vacancy
2. The search for candidates:
  • Interviews
  • Evaluation of the candidate
  • Preparation a professional resume
3. Presenting the best candidates to the Client:
  • Organizing meetings of the Client and the candidate
  • Settling disputes
  • Considering the individual characteristics of a candidate the consultant gives recommendations as to the compensation package and other terms of the candidate's employment

For your information...

History of Executive Search
We opened to help our clients grow their businesses through more proactive and strategic management of their human capital needs. The executive leaders we serve demand retained executive search teams that will complete their assignments promptly with the highest level of integrity, professionalism and understanding of their corporate objectives. Moreover, our clients insist that searches are conducted in such a way that will not divert focus from their day-to-day operations.

A Brief History of Executive Search
During the post-war economic boom of the 1950's, the executive management teams of many of America's leading corporations were searching for ways to find the best talent reliably and quickly. A rising economy not only boosted their confidence in creating new jobs, but it also created the problem of how to find the best individuals to fill them. Especially important was the ability to identify people with the emerging skills necessary to compete in a new kind of marketplace. Human capital management in a time of exponential economic growth was one of the major challenges that many corporations faced, and executive search firms were created to help to manage that growth. They provided innovative, professional solutions for complex, never-ending issues such as hiring, training, evaluation, retention, and compensation.

Fast Lane Personnel
WE strive to be the premier executive search and consulting firm within the industries we serve. With our industry knowledge and a firm commitment to completing our searches no matter how far we need to look, we are committed to serving our clients in a manner that goes far beyond executive placement.

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