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Recruitment Moscow, Recruitment services in Moscow Russia, human resources services in Moscow, human resources outsourcing in Moscow, Russia human resources, hr in Moscow.

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tel.: + 7 495 420 16 30
tel.: + 7 495 233 12 99

  • Our fee depends on searching (recruitment) methods that we need to use to fill in a vacancy. It can just use advertising in mass media or our data base or we head to head hunt executive or top management specialist to fill in a vacancy of our client.
    • THERE IS NO pre-payment. You pay after your employees start working
    • NOT EXCLUSIVITY BASIS. You can just e-mail us your vacancy description and we immediately get start working on it.
    • 3 MONTHS GUARANTEE period for the candidate that we represented and chosen by our client. The only exeption to this is not in time payment of our services by a client.
    • The customer company can set time limits for personnel search and selection. In this case we charge our clients of the requested employee's gross annual income (before taxes) for the first year of employment
    • Personnel search and selection is regulated by the contractual agreement between Fast Lane Personnel and our Client. It states the liabilities of the parties, contract guarantees and our fees

    The recruitment consultants work successfuly in the following spheres :
    • Logistics
    • Pharmaceuticals
    • Medicine
    • Sales
    We are developing and also are willing to work in other spheres in strict accordance with our clients expectations.

    Our Advantage is our working method!
    Most potential employees of back office are full time employed persons and do not posses enough time to visit numerous interviews. We count our clients and potential employees' time. So to meet both sides we can avoid first interview at recruitment agency and had phone interview with the potential employee instead.
    But we prefer to meet our candidates before we represent his/her CV to our client.

    To satisfy our client expectation of the proper qualification of an employee we make detailed professional skills and working history checking of a potential employee by:
    • calling up all previous employers to get recommendations
    • existing recommendations information verification
    • education information verification
    • legal status verification
    • due to recruitment staff diversification into specific business spheres (logistics, medicine and etc) the potential employee can be proper interviewed by phone
    • due to our professional recruitment staff the potential employee can be interviewed by phone in English
    In case of large recruitment orders our recruitment specialist can presence during an interview at clients' office.

    That is what we do for our clients?
    We reach the desired results in the requested terms, through the most active collaboration with our consultants at all of the stages of personnel search and selection, starting from your first call till our final handshake.

    The head of the project group (the consultant) contacts you within one working day to arrange the date, time and place of the meeting in order to discuss the details of the expected collaboration.

    After getting collaboration agreement results our consultant will get start working on the searching process.

    The consultant will attend the first interview of the prospective employees to receive feedback on the competence model

    We will provide letters of recommendation, education verification and legal status info on the final candidates.

    For your information.

    History of Human Resource Services
    History of Human Resources services provides the information, regarding the past and traditional Human Resources services and how they were utilized. The phrase Human Resources services is occasionally called as labor in the economics and the political economy, which is considered as one of the three factors in production. In historic day’s organizations, it was known as labor right management.

    Beginning of Human Resource Services
    In the beginning, in economics, Human Resources was acknowledged as human Capital and after a certain period, it was realized that humans are likely to be called as assets, as they can be run only for a particular period. For Instance, if a person asked to work for a more than a particular time period till a year, then it is not necessary that he will do it. In olden days, some of the socialist’s parties have argued that human are not assets. However, the work that they generate is the resource for them. Some of them recommended treating them as slaves and their potentials is only used for the profit of the firm. The History of Human Resources clearly indicates that, in olden days, the people or the Human were not treated on the basis of their hard work and potential, but on the basis of the output they produced.

    Human Resource Strategies
    The importance of a good Human Resource and how closely it follows the overall business plan of an organization is very important. This information will be used to create and modify Human Resources Policies and effect issues in the organization such as retirement, employment, promotions more. Industry conditions and the strength of the organization are all affected. Establishing employee guidelines effectively can greatly affect performance and many Human Resource strategies are planned out years in advance.

    Human Resources Solutions in Recruitment
    Human Resource relies heavily on recruitment strategies. But Human Resources is much more than the routine task of employment management and recruitment services. Here are some of the other daily tasks of a Human Resource services:

    • Evaluation of employees both current and potential
    • Analysis of employee job performance
    • Employee communication and communication strategies
    • Keeping a strong team of employees and keeping them motivated.
    Significant Role of Human Resources Development

    Human Resource Development is very important for every organization, in order to build up a smooth relationship between the employees and organizations. Human Resources Development Aid to:

    1. Develop competencies among individuals in the organizations that allow them to perform their present and future works thoroughly, by means of intended learning activities.
    2. Ensure equivalence between an organizational and individual need.
    3. Groups inside the organizations instigate and direct change.

    The Human Resources Development acts as a backbone of the organization. From the beginning such as recruitment and selection, determining the intensity of skills and abilities of the employees, and formulating the policies and executing the business decision. Human Resources plays a positive role in the success of any organization, by carrying out the job effectively and well in time.

    Objectives of Human Resources

    Human Resources Services plays a vital role in any organization and it is important strength of the organization. The main objective or aim of Human Resources Services is to maximizing return on investments and thereby, reducing the financial risk arousal to the organization. It is the duty of Human Resources management committee of the organization to carry out these activities in a successful, fair, legal and consistent way. In reality, the Human Resources Services deals through two various worlds:

    1. Unionized: Where there is a control through collective agreement and the union stands for employees to management in respect of their wages and salary.
    2. Non-Unionized: Where the management has a control over the employees.
    Human Resource Services is considered to be part of the business activities and plays an important role in the organizational progress.
    Key Functions of Human Resources Services
    Human Resource Services functions may be briefly described as:

    1. Manpower Planning: The HR considers the actual requirement of the staff for the organization. Because the overstaffing is wasteful and expensive, and understaffing leads to loses of the organization economics and profits.
    2. Employee selection: Selection of employees for the suitable job.
    3. Employees motivating: Motivating employees and encourage them to give their best in work productivity. Providing financial rewards to the staff.
    4. Employees’ relation: Keeping a healthy relationship with the employees and their problems are redressed.
    5. Payroll module: Payment of salaries and wages to the workers at the proper time.

    Process and Goals of Human Resources Management
    Human Resource Management consists of several processes. The management makes every possible decision to achieve the goal of the organization. These processes are usually performed in HR department and sometimes it is outsourced or executed by other department or line managers. The Process includes Recruitment, Introduction and Orientation, Training and development, Personnel administration, Time management, payment of wage and salary, Payroll, Employee benefits, and performance appraisal. Human Resources Management of any organization maintains some specific goal regarding various issues, whether it may related to the successful functioning of the organization or, the Maximizing the profit of the firm by encouraging through providing various benefits to the employees and thereby, motivating them which results in dedicated work and output which leads to profit.

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